Window Cleaning is our main business. Since 2003, we have cleaned many properties; from large estates and mansions, to blocks of flats and garage forecourts. We clean in both water-fed and traditional methodologies; and (unlike many of our competitors) we wont shy away from inside window cleans!

Our motto is simple, do what the customer asks; when the customer wants it; within the customers budget. We pride ourselves in the quality of our cleaning, we use the very best tools in the trade from the following companies: Unger & Ettore for our traditional tools; and Gardiner Pole Systems for our water-fed cleaning. We use the very highest quality water purification resins from Tulsion, and change them monthly to ensure the very best results possible.

Window Sill Before Cleaning

Window Sill After Cleaning

Hard to reach windows easily cleaned

Wooden putty bonded window Before

Wooden putty bonded window After

uPVC Window Before

uPVC Window After

Internal Oak Framed Window Cleaned

Hardwood framed windows cleaned

Industrial Door Before

Industrial Door After

Internal windows cleaned to perfection

Super clean glass