StockClean Professional Window Cleaning started trading in Addlestone, Surrey on the 1st April 2003 by Marc Stock as a sole trader.

Marc's aim was to provide a window cleaning service that was good value, reliable, and of good quality to the local residents.

To start with, the window cleaning service was carried out the traditional way using ladders, buckets and squeegees.

Marc built up a good reputation for being thorough, reliable and reasonably priced and in less than 6 months was able to make a living from the window cleaning rounds he had built up.

In 2004, a new technology started to emerge in the window cleaning industry; Water-Fed-Poles. Instead of using ladders and squeegees, these water fed poles were connected to a special machine fixed inside a vehicle and the windows were washed using a highly purified water stream that would wash the dirt off the glass and dry naturally with no spots.

Marc saw the potential benefits of these machines, and purchased a whole new setup at great cost.

This was to be a good decision as Marc was able to compete for large buildings, office blocks and flats and won many commercial window cleaning contracts across Surrey and Middlesex.

2004-2007 were the peak years in the commercial window cleaning sector for StockClean; Marc had gained many customers, and took on sub contract staff.

In 2008, however the bottom fell out of the commercial market, and Marc lost many of the contracts he had worked so hard to get to cheaper competitors and had to downsize and refocus the business.

Refocused, Marc moved to Knaphill. The plan was to go back to basics, forget the commercial work and the large contracts and simply focus on providing a good domestic window cleaning service like before.

Since 2009 Marc consistently built up a good customer base, and listened to what his customers want; making him one of the leading window cleaning providers in the area.

Today all our business comes from word of mouth recommendations, we dont really need to do much by the way of advertising; or fancy graphics on websites nor do we belong to any 'trust a trader' websites.

We let our quality work do our advertising, after all.....its a window cleaning service you can trust and rely upon thats important, and thats what we deliver; ask any of our customers.

in April 2017 we became Bramar Ltd trading as StockClean and continue to grow the business. We now have two full time employees, and will be looking to get our second window cleaning van in 2018.